[News]WorldPoker.Game launches global partner recruitment program!

By | July 30, 2018

As the world’s first decentralized poker online Game ecosystem builder, WorldPoker.Game has completed its initial launch after adequate preparation. In order to make the WorldPoker.Game available to every poker player in the world, we are launching a global partnership recruitment program(Wpkg-copartner).

Becoming Wpkg-copartner will have the following rights:

Successful applicants who pass the examination will confirm the Wpkg-copartner qualification, obtain an honorary license for WorldPoker.Game in the region, and grant a certificate of authorization to the honorary partners in the region.
1.WorldPoker.Game will grant Wpkg-copartner the right to use WPKG image, brand, reputation, etc. for publicity and investment promotion;
2. All projects of WorldPoker.Game, Wpkg-copartner have the priority to participate in;
3. The business undertaken by WorldPoker.Game will give the corresponding return point after the completion of the project;
4. Enjoy the high-end customized training and benefits for wpkg-copartner from time to time in WorldPoker.Game;
5. Enjoy VVIP rights and interests of WorldPoker.

We hope that Wpkg-copartner has these advantages:

1. With abundant local regional resources, can set up a team to operate and expand the business of WorldPoker.Game in this region;
2. Have rich experience in team management and community operation, and have a certain understanding of market, brand and operation business;
3. Long-term bullish on the blockchain and digital assets industry, with years of investment experience;
4. Engaged in legal and compliant local industries, and agreed with the concept and values of WorldPoker.Game.

Cooperation between Wpkg-copartner and WorldPoker.Game:

1. Wpkg-copartner belongs to WorldPoker.Game, providing market, brand and operation support for the region of WorldPoker.Game;
2. As a local business partner of WorldPoker.Game in some countries and some key regions, Wpkg-copartner can undertake all business of WorldPoker.Game.

Wpkg-copartner responsibilities:

1. Maintain the brand image of WorldPoker.Game, implement business and service purposes, and promote platform construction and regional business;
2. Responsible for online and offline community operation of WorldPoker.Game regional branches, popularize and promote new users, and maintain old users;
3. Develop and maintain local customer resources, and achieve the target of drawing new customers for graded customers;
4. Jointly improve WorldPoker.Game related products and give feedback to regional customers’ Suggestions;
5. Promote the development of regional blockchain industry and better serve the vast number of users.

Wpkg-copartner application:

Step 1: fill in the following application form:
Step 2: send the team profile to the info@wpkg.one  (as required below).
email title format [regional head of application – country]
email content should include:
Applicant’s personal introduction
Blockchain related entrepreneurship or employment experience introduction
Regional resources and personal resources

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